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Within walking distance to class or late-night Taco Bell runs, we know all about catering to your needs.

Live & Lease Here: 8430 Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD 20740
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Even though we’re within walking distance, we got you on days where you simply just ….can’t. Shuttle, Uber, or bike to campus with all the options we have to offer!

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Tempo's Easy Access Bus Stop

BREAKING NEWS FROM THE STUDIO: Tempo has it’s very own UMD  Bus Stop!   Oh no – you slept in a little too late because you were up studying for a final and you have 10 minutes […] ...

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Favorite Moments at Tempo!

Time flies when you’re having fun! Take a look at some of Team Tempo’s favorite moments from the past semester. Don’t worry…the party is just getting started! ...

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Day in the Life at Tempo

POV: It’s the beginning of November 2022. You live in a D5 Penthouse at Tempo with your roommates. 9AM – You check your phone and hit snooze. Ugh… cold again today? 9:15 AM – Wake up […] ...

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A Multisport Simulator a Day Keeps the Anxiety Away

by: Isaiah Hayes Imagine it’s a Friday afternoon you just got out of your last midterm and you don’t feel the best about it. You just feel like you could’ve done way better judging on how […] ...

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Save $$$ at Tempo

5 Ways Tempo’s Inclusive Rent Saves You $$$ Save $$ every month by cancelling your gym membership! Tempo has a state-of-the-art fitness center that is fully loaded with brand new equipment like free weights, cardio machines, […] ...

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It’s GO TIME at Tempo!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the Tempo College Park Team! What have we been up to? We’re so glad you asked.  First of all – we launched leasing for the Fall 2022 semester!  […] ...

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Tips for Moving Out

One minute you are moving into your apartment, the next your lease is almost up! When it is finally time to pack your things and go, move-out day can seem to be one long and stressful […] ...

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Easing Back Into Your Social Life

Let’s face it, it’s been a weird year…and a half. We are all excited about getting back into social habits and visiting with friends. But going from couch potato to life of the party can make […] ...

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Moving Away from Home for the First Time?

Now is a great time to start making financial decisions that can set you up for long term success. College is expensive and learning to budget and allocate money in different categories will help you track […] ...

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